10 Ways CBD Can Benefit Your Health

For those who are already active and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle by eating healthy, exercising daily and relieving stress regularly - we aim to view ourselves as a healthy being. Also, we can improve our overall well-being by simply incorporating CBD into our daily lives to help ease pain, relieve anxiety, lower inflammation or depression and much more.

The CBD compound works by interacting with the Endocannabinoid System, which is also known as the ECS. This system in the body plays an important role for promoting and maintaining homeostasis. The ECS also regulates everything in our bodies such as mood, sleep, memory, immune function and metabolism. This brings us that CBD can help us in so many different symptoms that we experience on a daily basis. Here are 10 ways that CBD can benefit your health and increase your well-being. 

1. Sleep / Insomnia - We all have experienced a restless sleep where people have have chosen or utilizing cannabis to get a good night's rest. CBD has the ability to reduce anxiety which leads to being helpful to reduce sleep difficulties, thus improving sleep quality. 

2. Anxiety / Stress - This is a typical symptom where we experience through out our daily lives. Studies has shown that CBD interacts with several receptors known to regulate anxiety-related behaviors. 

3. Skincare / Acne - Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is often viewed as a reflection of your diet, exercise and stress levels. However, how we treat our bodies internally, we should also treat externally by choosing CBD infused skincare products. CBD contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties which is extremely effective in reducing acne and rashes. Read more here

4. Pain / Inflammation - We all experience some sort of pain or inflammation in our daily lives. Whether that's joint pain, muscle soreness or gut inflammation, CBD can help since it's perceive as a highly anti-inflammatory agent. 

5. Energy Levels - While most people crave for coffee, but what about those jitters and afternoon crash we often get after? Try incorporating CBD in your coffee or tea, this can help ease off your stress and boost your overall mood and well-being. Check out our simple CBD Peppermint Latte or CBD Infused Tea recipes. 

6. Traveling / Motion Sickness - For those who are prone to motion sickness whether you're in the car or on a plane, CBD can help ease that off as it contains anti-nauseating properties. This is ideal for those with sensitive stomachs or digestive issues. 

7. Cooking / Baking - People are cooking or baking with CBD and has become a trend. With the popularity of CBD oil usage for its potential therapeutic effects for treating stress management to skincare, CBD oil can be easily add into your recipes which makes the overall process more fun. Try our peppermint chocolate chip CBD cookies recipe here

8. Migraines / Headaches - While these symptoms can lasts anywhere for hours or more, this is not fun to deal with. While pain medications can help alleviate this symptoms, however there are side effects to be considered. This is where CBD can be another natural alternative to treat these symptoms. Studies shown that CBD is effective in reducing your feelings of pain when taken on the right dosage. 

9. Menstrual Cramps & Pain - Typically when women start to experience menstrual cramps during their period, this can lasts up to several hours leading us to the mood not to do anything. While taking OTC medications can help ease off the pain, there are side effects to also be considered. Taking CBD can be another alternative to naturally treat the pain of menstrual cramps since it contains anti-inflammatory properties. 

10. Gut Health - Our gut plays a huge impact on our health which contributes to immune system, heart health, mood, sleep, digestion and brain. Although certain foods and supplements can help maintain a good gut health, CBD may also help improve your gut health as well. It helps with digestive area as it's part of the ECS. 

Have you tried incorporating CBD in your routine to treat any of these symptoms? Let us know your experiences in the comments below. We'd love to hear from you! #SokissCBD 


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