CBD Dosage


While CBD has many health benefits, figuring out the right dosage to take is crucial to achieve the maximum health benefits. Ideally, everyone is different and there's not one universal dosage of CBD that everyone should take. Each of us respond to different dosages of CBD differently. However, it is recommended to start with a low dose at first and slowly increase. This can be more cost effective as to not needing to take more than what your body actually needs. If the first initial dosage does not work for you, then it's time to increase your dose. We suggest to start with around 10 mg at first and work your way up by 5 mg. Also, remember that patience is key to this process and being consistent is highly important as well. 

Figuring out the right amount of CBD dosage for you should be based on the following factors below. 

  • body weight - your body weight will play a role of how much of CBD dosage you should take and how it will affect your body. Ideally, people who weight more will need to take higher doses to experience the full effects, while people who weigh less could take less dosage to feel the same effects. 
  • symptom you're treating - the CBD dosage comes down to the level of discomfort or pain level you're experiencing. For instance, someone is experiencing major chronic pain may need a higher dose than someone with a milder condition. 
  • the concentration of the CBD product - this refers to the total amount of CBD is contained in a product, measured by concentration in (mg). For instance, our CBD tincture has a concentration of 1000 mg per bottle and contains 30 mL of tincture, with recommended serving size of 1 mL will contain approximately 16.7 mg of CBD, taken twice a day. 

Going by with the key factors above should be able to determine first time consumers a good starting dosage. Although it is also highly important for consumers to consult with their doctor before trying CBD products for their first time. 

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