CBD Extraction Methods

As CBD market is rising, consumers are growing more curious and interested in using CBD. Also becoming more aware where CBD comes from, how it's made, how it's extracted or even what categorizes a product as a high-quality CBD product. We came to a conclusion to answer all these concerns can be found in how the CBD obtain from the plant into the product. The specific extraction processes used is contributed to the type of CBD oil that is produced. Let's dive into the different extraction methods. 

CO2 Extraction

This type of extraction comes in two categories which are supercritical and subcritical. These two categories are just slightly different, however the process is very similar to each other. CO2 extraction method depends on the special attributes of carbon dioxide, also known as CO2, to live in either a liquid, gas or solid state depending on the temperature and the amount of pressure it is under. By using closed-loop extractor for this specific extraction method, the different compounds in the plant are extracted to achieve the different cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds. 

CO2 extraction is known to be the most popular CBD extraction method in the industry and is also the most safe and effective way to make high-quality full spectrum CBD oil. Check out our full-spectrum CBD oil in 1000mg

Solvent Extraction

This extraction method is where the plant compounds are extracted by using a solvent. Generally, using alcohol such as ethanol, that dissolves the different cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes and oils. This generates a mixture from which the solvent needs to be withdraw through an evaporation process.

When natural solvents such as ethanol are used, chlorophyll may also be extracted. Thus giving the resulting oil an unpleasant taste. Also, the problem with natural solvents is that they don't evaporate as well than it would with other methods, as a result the CBD extract contains a much lower concentration. 

When purchasing CBD products, it's important to find out which extraction method the company you're buying from uses. This can be a key indicator of the quality and value of the products they're selling. Rest assured that Sokiss CBD products are all CO2 extracted which is safe and high quality CBD products. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email us at info@sokisscbd.com. 

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