CBD Infused Tea


We all heard of using CBD tinctures that involves placing the oil directly under the tongue. However, incorporating CBD oil into tea and drinking it is a different experience. The benefit of drinking CBD tea is that you can choose the flavors you love and make the experience more enjoyable. Since effects may last longer once they kick in, this method is particularly useful for people who are using CBD to improve sleep or treat minor pain. Also, depending on the type of tea you drink, there are additional benefits. Simple tip you can try is that you can make your own CBD tea at home. Simply by adding a few drops of Sokiss CBD oil to your favorite tea flavors. 

Although, CBD is hydrophobic which it doesn't blend well with water. To have the maximum benefits of CBD tea, you will need to include some sort of fatty substance. Some examples of fatty substance include any type of milk or honey. 

According to a health expert, here are 7 health benefits that drinking CBD tea can help improve your health.

  1. Helps reduce chronic pain you may have
  2. Helps relieve anxiety and depression
  3. Helps improve lung health
  4. May support heart health
  5. Helps ease symptoms of nausea 
  6. Helps alleviate bowel problems
  7. May prevent Alzheimer's Disease 

Have you given CBD infused tea a try? If you have, leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts! We'd love to hear from you! #SokissCBD

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