CBD Isolate, Broad Spectrum, Full Spectrum Explained


When selecting a CBD product, there are three types to choose from that can be confusing to those who are first starting out. Knowing which type of CBD is best for your specific needs can definitely help you when selecting the right CBD product and get the most out of your experience. It's important to know that the cannabis and hemp plants possess active chemical compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids interact with our body natural systems to provide several effects on the mind and body, which are also achieved through interaction with receptors in the Endocannabinoid System. CBD operates with CB1 and CB2 receptors in the Endocannabinoid System to regulate stress and pain response. 

With three types of CBD product present, they're achieved through the extraction process. This process is when the cannabinoid content is extracted from the raw materials, using methods such as CO2 extraction. During this method, other compounds within the materials are also extracted which includes terpenes, flavonoids and other cannabinoids. The cannabinoid content remain in the CBD product after extraction determines whether a product is CBD isolate, broad spectrum or full spectrum.


CBD IsolateThe purest form of compound where all other compounds and cannabinoids that includes terpenes, flavonoids and other plant parts have been removed and is completely THC free. Safe for those regularly drug tested. 

Broad Spectrum: A mixture of CBD isolate and full spectrum. The main difference would be the absence of THC. It contains all the compounds and cannabinoids present in the plant, however contain no THC. 

Full Spectrum: Contains all compounds occurring in the plant which includes terpenes, essential oils and other cannabinoids. Provides higher levels of relief and enhanced effects. Includes trace amount of less than 0.3% THC. Not preferred for those who regularly drug tested. 


Everybody is unique in their own way and reacts differently with their lifestyle habits and history with other substances. Each of these factors can definitely influence the way our bodies react to different types of CBD. 

Broad spectrum may be the selection if you're looking for some entourage effect without the psychoactive effects of THC. Although, some will need a high dose of pure CBD which may be enough to help ease off their symptoms whereas others will need more THC to feel the difference. However, for those who are looking for the highest efficacy, we recommend our full spectrum CBD oil flavored in peppermint. 

Please share your thoughts or experiences in the comments below if you have tried these different types of CBD. We'd love to hear from you! #SokissCBD


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