CBD Salve For Muscle Soreness & Pain


For those of you working from home experiencing wrist pain or soreness from being on the computer too long, you can try our full spectrum 50 mg CBD muscle salve infused with lavender essential oil which helps promote relaxation. Other anti-inflammatory ingredients include Arnica Flowers and Boswellia Serrata which help relieve any muscle aches and inflammation you may have. This salve is formulated similar to an ointment for every day use, working from the outside dermal layer into the muscles and joints, leaving your skin feeling moisturized all day long.


Studies has shown that using topical CBD products can help relieve pain or inflammation on a specific area of your body that's experiencing discomfort. Using topical CBD products that are dependable don't just conceal the inflammation as those over-the-counter pain relief topicals do. CBD topicals can help relieve the pain withdraw for a certain time period.


Cannabinoid receptors goes in hand throughout the body which are linked with chronic pain, inflammation, skin and nerve function. Cannabinoids, which are the chemicals that are produced by the body that interacts within the endocannabinoid system, and like CBD - they interrelate with cannabinoid receptors. 

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