Reasons Why CBD Isn't Working


CBD oil has become a popular product in the CBD industry. While many consumers are incorporating this popular product into their daily routine, they are enjoying the potential benefits that it brings them. However, if you find that taking CBD oil is not working for you, below are some reasons on why it might not be taking in effect. 

Insufficient Dosage

As a first time user for taking CBD oil, there will be some trial and error to know exactly the effective dosage that's right for you. As the proper dosage is influenced by a persons body weight and the severity of symptoms they have, thus bringing each person different dosage requirements. In this case, it's recommended to aim for smaller dosage and work your way up till you feel the full effect. It's also highly recommended to keep track of your dosage in a journal and be consistent. 

Incorrect Strength of CBD

CBD products comes in different strengths. Choosing the right CBD product with the proper strength for you plays an important role to also achieve the maximum benefits. For instance, a person having severe pain, they will most likely need to choose a CBD product that have a higher concentration rather than a lower one. As suggested, it's recommended to try a lower concentration and if you don't feel any effects, it's time to choose a CBD product with higher concentration such as 1000 mg. 


Sometimes, some people find that CBD stops working after a prolonged period of use. After taking CBD for awhile, it's natural to expect that a tolerance will build up over time. At some point, you may find that the dosage you're taking does not take into effect anymore and you may need to take a higher dose. When this occurs, it is considered to take a tolerance break from CBD. This will allow your endocannabinoid receptors to reset. Allowing a few weeks of CBD free, you can resume taking CBD again and hopefully you will feel the desired results again. 

In conclusion, incorporating CBD may seem difficult since it is not a quick fix for everyone and it takes a lot of time and patient as well as being consistent to achieve the maximum results. It may not work for everyone and it also may take longer to work for some people than others. However, you can do some research and gain more knowledge of understanding that some experimentation is needed. Keep in mind, being patience is key and consistency thus leading to remarkable results. What are your thoughts or experiences of taking CBD? Leave us a comment below, we'd love to hear from you! #SokissCBD


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