Start Your Day With CBD Peppermint Latte


We talked about CBD infused tea in our previous blog, however if you're a coffee lover - have you tried CBD latte? Adding a dropper or two of CBD oil into your morning coffee might be the kick to help you start and tackle the day. Many of us drink coffee because it gives us the energy to really get moving but what about those jitters or touch of anxiety and other little symptoms of drinking coffee? 

Well, adding CBD oil into your morning coffee may have the potential to help level some of those symptoms. The caffeine in coffee can be too strong and cause jitters, meanwhile CBD can help provide a hint of soothing smoothness to that cup of coffee. CBD studies are showing that the use of CBD helps decrease anxiety or stress and minimize inflammation. With adding CBD to your coffee, you can now enjoy the energy and alertness of the consumption without the symptoms of those jitters.

While drinking coffee itself have many other health benefits such as lower risk of Alzheimer's disease, improving brain function or energy levels and many more. In addition to CBD oil, it helps relieve anxiety, reduce stress and inflammation. Double the antioxidants with combining CBD oil and coffee. The benefits of CBD latte is increase of energy level while decreasing stress and also boosting your overall mood. Here's an easy and simple recipe below you can try making at home. 

Sokiss CBD Peppermint Latte Recipe 


  • 3/4 cup of hot coffee
  • 1/4 cup of hot milk of your choice
  • 2 mL Sokiss Peppermint CBD oil - can adjust dosage to your desire
  • whipped cream


  1. Prepare coffee in a coffee maker as you normally would
  2. Heat up 1/4 cup of choice of your milk in the microwave for 3 minutes
  3. Using a milk frother to froth the milk and mix until your desired frothiness
  4. Pour the 3/4 cup of hot coffee into a mug and add the CBD oil to the coffee and mix well
  5. Pour the milk into the coffee and adding the milk froth to the top
  6. Top it off with some whipped cream on top in your CBD latte and enjoy!

Have you tried CBD latte? If you have, share your thoughts or experience in the comment below! We'd love to hear from you. #SokissCBD



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