Using CBD Post-Workout

With the rising demand of CBD products along with the recent studies that have been found showing with tons of potential health benefits for a wide range of people and needs - CBD can be highly effective for relieving any type of soreness from the cause of exercising. With the anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help potentially shorten the recovery time post-workout.

As we are exercising and the phrase of 'no pain, no gain' that we typically run by when we think of building more muscles, we then associate with some sort of pain. No matter how fit you are and how much you work out, after a really hot gym sesh, we are bound to have some sort of discomfort in our body. The reason why you may feel sore after a good workout is because exercising causes little, micro-tears in your muscle fibers. However, this activity allows your muscles to grow back stronger than before when it's repaired. Although, this triggers an inflammatory response where it becomes inflamed, resulting the soreness. This impact can lead to a discomfort sensation, however it's a good sign that your muscles are recovering as well as becoming stronger. It might not be easy for some people to ease the pain on its own, this is why we recommend to use CBD for pain relief post-workout.

Studies has shown that people have used CBD to treat various types of pain they have which includes arthritis pain and chronic pain. Although, it's stated it's not classified as a health supplement by the FDA, however millions of people are choosing CBD as a natural way to promote better health and faster muscle recovery. Taking CBD orally also has shown that it helps to improve sleep quality, which is highly important for muscle recovery post-workout.

Incorporating CBD tinctures or topicals into your post-workout routine can help with those intense workout sessions. From taking a full-spectrum CBD oil sublingually which provides a faster effect because its ability to pass through your digestive system which take effect more quickly. On the other hand, applying a topical to treat the targeted areas in your body can target the pain relief, however it may take longer for the full effect to be experienced. Both of these CBD products can help boost your recovery faster and help with muscle soreness.

Check out our range of CBD products which each of them includes beneficial ingredients. Have you tried CBD for post-workout recovery? Leave us a comment below if you have! We'd love to hear from you! #SokissCBD


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